Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Aren't we Hippocrates too

If u ever get stuck in being professional......

Q. What is a definition of Taunt??

Ans. It refers to passing a comment that not hurt someone at that time but it does it later...

Q. Is taunting right?

Ans. No, not acceptable according to human behavior or ethics to behave in a right way.....

Q. Is taunting good while you are professional?

Ans. No because when you are professional that doesn't mean you can't be straight forward  (totally up to you).... It doesn't mean you have to taunt out your own beliefs in a way that doesn't act direct on the other person's mind....you can also say them in a very direct way... but often times people dont like your direct thoughts as the love being fake... talking directly can be a reason of having great number of enemies.... and I am not kidding.

Its a tricky question because some believe  taunting as an intelligent way to handle things that are against your own beliefs and nature ....reverse psychology you can say.... but when it comes to living a life with simplicity does the same rule apply??

A big NO would be the answer... because every time playing a reverse psychology would ultimately make you a hypocrite.... Then your boss may like you but not your colleagues definitely.

The question is not making yourself liked by people... the question triggers is.... Are you true to yourself if you dont speak up for the stuff that is against you... ??

An overnight introspection would answer you .... but personally I dont believe in not answering back while you are not wrong!! Because if you worry for your so called image and the attitude of what would people say about you at your back.... that's completely a waste because at your place nobody judge's you from your past works for the organization or towards colleagues they only point out at your present mistakes... and at your flaws... I dont believe in making that mirror image that gets vanished after you are not in front of it.

But for the conclusion... it could be said as.... thats are nature to choose speaking up for ourselves or opting to stay quiet and let the world burn....

Ultimately you have to answer yourself at the end of the day.....

Please comment your thoughts on the same as I too want to come across your opinion....


  1. Ya, you are right..at the end of the day we have to answer ourself only...

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  3. Hmmm yeah! So tell me ur opinion just the other way round.... think over it n then tell ... vch one looks more better?...?

  4. “No one saves us but ourselves"-buddha.
    Hv to do effort from ur own.
    Answer in public the way they deserve struks them inside out.it's dominant way to make them feel shameful.

  5. So do u feel this dominant way ...correct?? Vikas Bharti?? Let me know if speaking truth right over their face ignoring everything else of professionalism?

  6. So do u feel this dominant way ...correct?? Vikas Bharti?? Let me know if speaking truth right over their face ignoring everything else of professionalism?

    1. Yaa afcousre, according 2 me. listen their is two sides of coin.
      Either u ignore this shit and suffer. Or fight 4 ur respect. professionalism nd all r just crap in this regard.Nd 1 thing is that professionalism is nt above frm 1s respect.

  7. That means u support my thoughts in a way....