Thursday, 19 May 2016

Marriage - a responsibility

When she puts that sparkling red powder on her forehead, I wonder does she always need to realize that she is wearing a responsibility on her head?
Does she always need to remember that she is different now?
Does she always need to recall she is married now?
Marriage a gala celebration of a girl's life, a celebration that only revolves around her. Its a day  from when her life will be changed, its a day from when her identity of a girl changes to a heavy word like women.
A day of her dream comes true with lots of responsibility.
She might have never realized the depth in the word like marriages, as she was buzy admiring the only beauty of that day but she might have never realized the idea of heaviness in that day ,that lied in that dress,that lied in that lightning, that lied in those ceremonies, that lied in those jewellery, that lied with her parents for getting apart now from their daughter.
She was buzy wearing those responsibilities wrapped with love and happiness,unknowingly.

She lived and then realized the true meaning behind every custom, as she came across the path where she got a baby and was buzy with her motherhood, one day realized the end of charm in her... the end of passion in her ,passion of doing her likings... which was over ruled by duties of doing things....

Now she only use to get admirers of her life not her... which was good but difference was ,now her life was her new family.....

Her life changed differently....with all acceptable changes.... everything that she accepted with just a smile .....