Sunday, 5 June 2016

A girl with mirror.....

A girl like all other girls in their childhood. Started to make mirror her own good friend. She also started to know the mirror. Mirror which was a step, a tool to know herself. She touched her reflection in the mirror, but that was not the time when she knew she is touching herself not only her reflection,but it was only her childhood. She never knew the life. She just followed her mother when she use to comb her hair in front of mirror, when she use to get ready for the day, she never realized the bitter truth of beginning a day. The irony of life which was there in those mornings when, she use to watch her mother looking herself in the mirror.

Time sliped rapidly and then she was in her teenage. She started to understand the beauty, the sense of mirror was now for dressing herself to look perfect.she was turning the relationship of acquaintance with mirror to a best friend. That use to narrate her the new taste of life... it was her teenage.
Teenage, which was attractive ,joyous,lovable,fresh for her. She was training the art to admire herself for hours in the mirror. She started to spend time, a lot of time with it.

The age of teenage never slips fast from the arms of time. It takes an era, obviously it teaches every teenage a lot about life... Yeah! That was her time... In which she felt in love with her self but suddenly she felt in the pit of responsibilities, the responsibility of career... That was one way to prove herself as the mirror proved her that she is beautiful.

Now it was her turn to prove herself to support her beauty. Of-course the hussel of life broke the chain relationship of her friendship with the mirror. She started to get apart from mirror- it was when she grew matured, it was when she crossed her teenage. She remembered to be someone else every time. she now looked herself in the mirror. She saw herself successful. She has now left that beautiful teenage girl behind somewhere but where, she herself don't identify neither the buzy schedule give her chance to. Those years of struggle and constant hard-work changed themselves to an era of her professional work. Where now she confronts the mirror just to take herself a look before any meeting. She sighs and move on. Time again sliped and took her to an age of confusion. Where she was in front of the mirror but she couldn't recognized herself. As whenever she saw herself in the mirror she felt the burden of another lot of responsibility and pain of letting go the loved ones behind.

She again saw herself in the mirror she was beautiful, she was the most beautiful she had or she can ever be again- It was her wedding,she couldn't felt or enjoy her prettiness. This time she herself sliped the time from her arms and she was now a mother of a girl in her early age. The girl who was in the same age as she was when she first encountered the mirror,while watching her mother in it and now she found her daughter doing the same. She was admiring her which was the beginning of the same cycle. From which she has begun. She sighed and kissed her forehead and blessed her while introducing the mirror.

Now I would like to ask all the girls reading this article, just one question ''Do you don't miss that mirror now?''