Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Just a matter of 'N' ....

Hello people I know its after a long time..but yeah i am finally here....

But today I was thinking about the perfect gift that we have got ...had anybody ever thought of life being so wonderful, so vibrant that all the colors sprinkled out here and there and they come out to form a beautiful portray on the canvas of life?

Had anybody ever expressed the life in its real essence?

What really life is like... ? what all make life as wonderful as nobody had ever thought off ? Not exactly but little by little can be explained, not exact the recipe but ingredients can be told, not exactly the location but yeah it can be found on earth amidst the people.

People,who are always buzy with their own graviences, grims and all shallowness of life. A life they all have but that can't be said a healthy-hearty one.

Sometimes  a grin can change all your grims to a cheerful life, stuffs the shallowness with happiness. Yeahh....
    A Grin can gain you a lot many unseen good fortunes . So people what's a harm in experiencing a simple grin and gaining a lot.

Smile and scare your worst parts of life.


  1. May it b that simple...anyways u getting better with every blog...nyc thoughts